iOS 9 device owners (e.g. iPad 2) Please Read

On October 1st 2021, your iOS 9 device can no longer connect securely to a lot of internet sites including OzRunways, because of a missing file. This is updated regularly by Apple on the latest iOS updates, but you need to install it manually.

Please download the LetsEncrypt ISRG Root X1 Certificate on your old device. Open attachment and install when prompted.

You will get a few warnings: keep pressing 'Continue' / 'Install'. After installing this file, your OzRunways will work again

Welcome to OzRunways Support

This is the home of all support for OzRunways

You can search our knowledge base articles, or click Start a discussion to privately email a support person if you’re having trouble.

Full user manuals can be found at


If you are contacting us regarding an account related issue, please let us know your username which you can find in:


OzRunways → Settings → Subscriptions


RWY → Menu → Subscriptions (Android)


If you find a glitch, please be as specific as possible on how to recreate the problem and if you can, please attach a screenshot so we can see what is going on. You take a screenshot by pressing the home and power (or power and volume up) buttons of your iPad at the same time. The screen will flash and the image will be stored in the Photos app.

You do not need to log in, just click "Start a discussion" below to privately email support personnel!