Apple IOS App vs Android App Feature Comparison (Apr 2017)

Here is a table that compares the current version of the OzRunways App on Apple IOS and the current version of RWY on Android:

IOS Android
Moving Maps yes yes
ERSA/Airfields yes* yes*
GPS HUD yes yes
Single Stage Plans yes yes
NAIPS submission yes yes
Waypoint Search yes yes
User Waypoints yes yes
AIP yes yes
User Documents yes yes
AOPA Airfields yes* yes*
Pilots Touring Guide Airfields yes* yes*
Flight Director no yes
Simulator yes yes
Aircraft Library yes no
Active Restricted Airspace on map yes yes
Auto IFR Routes yes no
Auto winds from Area or GRIB winds yes no
Detailed Aircraft Performance / W&B yes no
Engine and Flight Timers yes no
Georeferenced Approach Charts yes no
KML Overlays yes no
LSALT Boundaries/GRID LSALTs on map yes no
Multiple Stage Plans yes no
Page Planner / Fuel Planner / W&B Planner yes no
Plan Import / Export yes no
Plan Optimiser yes no
Restricted airspace on map yes yes
Runways yes no
Settable GPS Fields yes no
Terrain/Airspace Display yes no
Track History yes yes
Traffic yes yes
Weather Manager yes no
Weather Overlay yes yes
Graphical Sigmets yes no
Weight and Balance yes no
Webcams yes no
Dropbox Integration yes no
Windytv yes no
iBook Documentation yes no
* with appropriate subscription