Database Updates

OzRunways has a small index database that updates every 28 days according to the ICAO data update cycle. This database contains waypoint, airspace and an index of maps and AIP documents. It does not contain airport plates and such.

Every time OzRunways is started, it automatically checks if a new update is available. You can see this happening when a download indicator appears on screen:


When this finishes, you will be able to select and download the new maps and AIP if available.

Please note that many countries do not update anything in most releases, so you may not notice any changes. Please refer to guides from your local regulator or air navigation service provider for their update schedules.

Go to Settings > Edition and select the new one:


Now you can go into Settings > Downloads and grab all your files:


Some tips:

(Dates reflecting the dates in the example screen shots)

  • Remember to put your edition back to 6th Feb (current) afterwards.
  • Come 6th March, OzRunways will automatically use the new files.
  • You cannot view any old files after 6th March.
  • After 6th March you can manually delete old files in Settings > CacheManagement to free up disk space.
  • If you don't see 06Mar14 edition available, try pressing 'Manually download db' in CacheManagement.