Downloads slow or failing

Short answer: Try turning off bluetooth and try again. Yes, this is an actual problem...try it !

Medium length answer: Check on your iPad that you can reach in Safari. Try killing the app from background:

Long answer: We use a very large, international, commercial grade file distribution system for files in OzRunways. Files are cached locally at a major city close to your location, so you will always be getting the best download speed wherever you are in the world. It's highly unlikely to be our servers -- although saying that, sometimes the odd file (i.e. search files we generate) can be missed, so if you have fast downloads and only one file is missing, let us know and we'll double-check.

As for the bluetooth answer, that's a problem that occurs on certain iPad's when both bluetooth & wifi are enabled and peer-to-peer networking is active. The bluetooth antenna can cripple wifi downloads. This is a known problem in OzRunways v4.1 and is fixed by disabling bluetooth temporarily. This shouldn't be a problem in OzRunways v4.1.1 or later.