How do you print?

We are using Apple AirPrint technology inside the app. You can find out more information here: There are many different types of AirPrint printers on the market, so chat to your nearest printer stockist for help on how to purchase one.

AirPrint is really the best solution for iOS printing, but if you use a different arrangement such as a proprietary software through your iPad (from Cannon, Dell, Brother etc), you'll need to export the desired print product as a PDF first and look to open it in your printing app on your iPad. See our video on youtube on how to export to PDF if you are using iOS 10 Once you get the desired page to PDF select 'open in' the desired printing app.

A last resort option (or for iOS 9 users) is to take a screenshot by pressing the home button + power button at the same time. A screenshot will be saved to your ‘Photos’ app, which you can use to print or email to yourself on another device which is connected to a networked printer.

One user posted in that software called collobos works quite well too, if you want to check that out (OzRunways does not support third party software).