Incorrect airfield/HLA/ALA location

OzRunways is not the manager or creator of the airfield/ALA/HLS overlay used the our apps. We purchase Australian airfield overlays as a dataset from the state data provider, Airservices Australia. The data is also maintained by Airservices Australia and updates are provided to OzRunways each AIRAC cycle.

Lots of the AD/HLS and ALA positions in the data sets we purchase were surveyed many years ago, some using questionable means (i.e. not licensed surveyors). It is unfortunately common for the positions to be incorrect, occasionally by large distances. Local knowledge or a quick check of google earth will reveal discrepancies which can be considerable.

When there is an AD/ALA/HLS position incorrect, once notified Airservices Australia will contact the operator and ask if they wish to update the details. The operator can then choose to pay to have the site surveyed, or they can stick with the current position. Lots of operators decline to update the lat long in an effort to avoid paying for an expensive surveyor.

If you wish to pursue the location of an airfield, you can submit a notification to Airservices Australia at notifying them of the problem - keep in mind it is possible nothing will come of it as the AD operator may decline to act. Letting OzRunways know is fine, however we can't edit Airservices Australia data under our CASR 175 approval.

If the details of an entry in the OzRunways Airfield Guide are incorrect, please let us know at