iOS OzRWY GPS location not working or 'I can't see my aeroplane symbol': location services and trouble shooting position

If your position is not being displayed in the OzRWY app, follow this troubleshooting guide.

First, ensure you are using a Cellular + WiFi iPad. Wifi only iPads DO NOT HAVE A GPS and will not be able to get GPS position from an iPhone hotspot. See our KB here for more details.

If you are certain you have a Cellular + WiFi iPad, ensure location services are active by following the steps below (see also images attached).

1 - Go the the iPad settings App.

2 - Scroll down in the left bar until you find the 'Oz RWY' app icon, and tap on it.

3 - Ensure the Location Services tag says 'While Using'. If it says 'Never', tap on this item to enter the dialogue to change the selection to 'While Using'

Third, ensure you are in a position to receive a GPS signal. GPS signals are not particularly strong and may be interfered with by certain structures such as houses, buildings, and other radio interference. To test this you will need to move outside away from buildings. If you find the iPad is working outside but not in your aircraft (which is rare) you may need to investigate a remote GPS solution.

Fourth, ensure the own ship position element is enabled, with the size of the icon set to your liking. On the map screen tap on Map View Options>Own Ship position. Tap to enable.

Tap the 'i' icon to enter the settings for the icon and set the size. Set at least 1/3 to 1/2 on the slider initially, then adjust as desired.