RWY Check - The App for drone operators

What is RWY Check?

RWY Check is our iOS and Android App for drone pilots.

Who is RWY Check for?

RWY check is aimed at both UOC holders and non-UOC holders who operate drones for enjoyment or business in Australia. It provides not only the aeronautical information you need to operate an RPAS in Australia, but also features a situational awareness tools which show the hazards described by AC101.

What does RWY Check show me?

RWY Check shows you aviation maps, ERSA, street addresses and AC 101 overlays around airports and HLS.

The overlay provides situational awareness to Operators about things they may need to consider when planning an RPAS operation: Can I operate in that area? What are some of the risks available to me even if I can operate in a shaded area?

What do the colours on the overlay mean?

The overlays use a colour system to indicate proximity to airfields, but the significance of these overlays will vary according to your operation and UOC status:

Red areas are typically no-fly for non-UOC holders.

Orange means there may be restrictions for operating in that area, such as maximum operating altitudes.

Why isn't RWY check showing me information appropriate to my UOC?

The overlays for RWY Check were designed from the AC101, on the recommendation of CASA.

Drone rules are complicated and the overlays will not necessarily show you were YOU can fly; it is up to individual operators to know and apply the rules appropriate to their licence or approval.

Why use AC101 for overlays? This isn't regulation

Correct, and it isn't meant to be. Adhering to the AC will also ensure compliance with CASR Part 101, but much like any aviation operation, you compliance with the law is the responsibility of the Operator or PIC.

Advisory Circulars are clearly advisory publications, but adhering to an AC is a very safe and sensible idea unless you have a good reason not to. If you hold an UOC you should operate according to your certificate - the overlays in RWY Check still provide the operator with a 'safety trigger'; a reason to be consider the extra risks that might accompany operating in any shaded area, especially in close proximity to airfields.

Users should keep in mind that RWY check is designed for a broad range of operator types in an evolving regulatory environment. It is a 'least worse' or 'most useful' way of representing the safest way of operating your RPAS. If your company would like a tailored overlay that reflects your own UOC in your own RPAS app, contact us for a quote at

What is this all about?

In a word, SAFETY.

As a CASR Part 175 DSP, OzRunways is committed to providing the most relevant and up to date information in our applications as possible. With the explosion in the number of drones in use in Australia, we have decided to base our overlays on AC101, which will provide the safest guidance for unskilled operators who use the app. Skilled and licensed operators will still find the information in the app useful though, especially as a subscription can be combined with our OzRWY and RWY apps for the extra features professional operators may need.