Sign in on a new device, or setting up a backup device

If you start up OzRunways on a new tablet, either as a backup or a replacement for an old device, you will need to log in with your existing UserID. This is essential because after starting for the first time on a new device, OzRunways will enter 'trial mode' and give you 30 days of use - in trial mode everything will work as you might expect so don't assume it automatically signs you back in.

To log in with your UserID go to Settings → Subscriptions → and tap Sign Out to log out of the trial.

Next, tap sign in with existing UserID and enter your UserID.

It is good airmanship to check your subscription status before every flight (as a part of your EFB pre-flight) to make sure it is as you expect it to be.

See the following video for a demonstration of the UserID sign in/out process