Smart Airfields

The Smart Airfields page was introduced in OzRunways version 7 and is available with an Australian VFR Premium or Australian IFR Premium subscription.

Smart Airfields is designed to give you the information you need without having to scroll or search through a large list.

There's an intelligent search bar which can be used to search by aerodrome codes, procedure types, procedure names and more.
E.g. searching for "CAN ILS" will display the ILS procedures for Canberra aerodrome.

Use the "Smart" and "List" buttons to switch between the "old style" list of airfields, and the new Smart Airfields Page.

The Recents section displays your most recently accessed charts & documents so that you can return to them quickly and easily.

Airfields in plan
After the "Recents" section, the first airfield displayed is the airfield you are at now (nearest airfield within 2nm of your location) followed by a list of airfields in your plan (if you have a plan loaded).

Following the list of airfields in your plan, OzRunways will choose a few airfields in the general vicinity along your flight path that may be useful to you i.e. in case of diversion.
Note: If your plan contains more than 10 airfields, no extra airfields will appear in the list.

Where available, there is a small diagram of the runway layout and a windsock next to the airfield name. The windsock changes direction based on the current METAR wind to give you a quick indication of which runway might be in use.

For airfields with a large amount of charts, the charts will be grouped into folders. Tap on a folder to reveal them.

Outside of a plan
If you don't have a plan loaded the Smart Airfields page will display a list of airfields closest to your current location.