Storage Requirements OzRunways (iOS)

What Memory Size do I Need?

OzRunways typically requires between 5-15GB of storage space, but it depends on what you install for Australia (New Zealand slightly smaller).

Testing in April 2017 shows a fresh OzRWY install set up for VFR flight in Australia with only the essential files weighs in at 800MB. The files downloaded in this configuration are the Hybrid VFR Chart (WAC, VNC, VTC, Inset combined), ERSA, PCA, AIP SUP and AIC, and AIP.

A fresh IFR setup, consisting of all ERC and TAC charts, DAPS, CAR, CAA, CASR's plus the previously mentioned VFR items come to a total of 1.54 GB.

A lot of users report greater disk size and this is due to a couple of things. First the app will grow in storage size as route, saved tracks and aircraft profiles are added. These files can quickly take up a lot of room, so don't be surprised if you save lots of waypoints, tracks, plans etc that your memory usage will be high.

Second, retaining old maps and charts will greatly increase storage requirements. Once you have completed a map update (that is after the changeover date), head to OzRunways>Settings>Cache Management>Clear Old Files>Delete Files. You can also the use the 'Clear Tile Cache' button under the Cache Management menu to delete any tiles held in memory.

If you are a storage sensitive OzRunways user, it is best to plan to delete and reinstall the app every 6 or 12 months to coincide with the ASA map changeovers. This will delete all the saved information and ensure your app stays lean and minimises memory usage. Remember: back up any files you wish to keep before deleting the app!

Keep in mind that files such as street address search, terrain files, Open Street Map, WAC's, ASA Safety Documents etc all take up a lot of space and with every possible feature downloaded the app takes a sizeable amount of space (which is where the 5-15GB size band comes from).

The good news is the ultimate size of your OzRWY install will depend on what you download, what you save and how you maintain your install. If you are space limited, proactive management of downloads and stored items will see you avoid any problems. Even if you have lots of space now, it pays to be conservative with keeping your install as lean as you can without compromising what you need with you when you fly.