Adding and Manually Editing User Waypoints

This article describes how to add user waypoints, and how to edit the Lat Long manually if you so desire.

Firstly, open the app. Drop a user waypoint - you do this by tapping anywhere on the screen the select the top option 'Custom waypoint' > 'Add User Waypoint'.

A new waypoint will appear where you tapped (if you have the cursor on the new waypoint will appear under the middle of the cursor). The waypoint will have a name such as 'User 1448' or something similar.

Now, tap on the waypoint you have dropped, and select 'UserXXXX' from the pop up box (the name will be in Orange).

Scroll down until you see the latitude and longitude boxes.

Tap on the blue latitude - delete the entry (backspace).

Now type the desired latitude. The system will take all common formats, for example '27 51 14.85S' then press 'return'. The Latitude will update (the screen will probably scroll to the new point in the background). IMPORTANT - You must press 'return' or the field will not update - return works as the 'save' key in effect.

Now update the longitude the same way (for example '150 13 51.28E' >remembering to press the 'return' key)

Your custom point is now entered.

Updating the ID and name are done in the same way.

Note you cannot edit a point which is in a plan.