OzRunways Documentation


The best way to learn about OzRunways is by reading our iBook on your iPad.

You can download it from the iBooks Store by searching for it in iBooks, or following this link

If you want to read it on a PC, or print it, you can also download the book in PDF format:


Documentation for RWY on Android

RWY Documentation can be found here.

Watch tutorial videos on YouTube

Engine & Flight Timer

Older Documentation

Introduction to OzRunways

What's new in OzRunways v4.0

OzRunways Settings Screen

Using the GPS HUD

Using the Plan Spreadsheet

Using Quick Plan Entry

Planning via the Map Screen

Miscellaneous tips & tricks

User Waypoints

Setting up an Aircraft

Weight and Balance

Terrain and Airspace View

Advanced Settings

Using XPlane 9 or 10