OzRunways Changelog v7.4

OzRunways EFB v7.4.2

  • Fixed an issue where the closest BOM radar wasn't always the selected radar

  • Added NZTM coordinate option to the cursor

  • Show landing label on plan print outs

  • Added an option for ETA (Device Time Zone) to HUD

  • Fixed issue where Settings → Preferences → Waypoint Subtypes didn't show the correct numbers

  • User Waypoints are now shown at a higher zoom level

  • Fixed Spanish translation

  • Layout fixes for iPhone in landscape

OzRunways EFB v7.4.1

  • Fixed an issue where all equipment may not export when sharing an aircraft

  • Fixed an issue where downloads screen could show duplicate entries

  • Fixed an issue where tracks wouldn't be logged when using GL90 GPS devices

  • Introduced support for Enterprise Dashboard NAIPS credentials

  • Improved appearance of aircraft icon on map

  • Fixed layout issues on sign up and accounts screens in iOS 9 & 10

OzRunways EFB v7.4

  • Traffic bubbles are now displayed on georeferenced approach plates

  • Revamped Settings → Subscriptions screen

  • Added the ability to secure accounts with a password

  • New onboarding and signing in experience

  • Aircraft Heading Line can now be hidden by setting the slider value to 0

  • Added option to separately disable blue Military CTR shading

  • New Help menu under Settings for quicker access to support

  • Added current flight to Settings → Logs plus other logging improvements

  • Enhanced performance and bug fixes to DAPS viewer

  • Display on screen warning when there is a hidden or invalid SIGMET in SmartBrief

  • Weight and Balance now ignores lateral envelope for fuel tables when not needed

  • Subtract variable and approach times from NAIPS TEET

  • Fixed an issue where the HUD compass wouldn't follow screen orientation changes

  • Fixed an issue where performing a Direct To while in a plan could result in incorrect sequencing

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent plan transfers to Avidyne

  • Fixed an issue where when the volume switch for engine timer is on, it would keep recording beyond desired time

  • Fixed an issue where DAPS viewer Options menu could be too small

  • Fixed an issue where KML overlays wouldn't be removed from the map when deleted

  • Fixed an issue where NZ plate annotations were showing on all plates

  • Fixed an issue where exporting inactive plans wouldn't work

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes to improve performance