OzRunways EFB Changelog v6.8 - v6.8.1

iOS v6.8.1 (6811)

  • Faster downloading map tiles on-demand using HTTP/2 technology.

  • Faster webcams (HTTP/2 tech, gzip compression on some files, migrate to faster webcam server in Sydney and iPhone caches images for 1 hour).

  • Plan spreadsheet "LSALT" column now light yellow to indicate it is only for logging has no effect on the plan. Light blue cells continue to modify other figures (for example changing ALT and WIND will affect fuel used).

  • Better night invert colours: Windy and DAPS background.

  • Remove CTA LL HUD Box option due to interaction with airspace overlays. May decouple and put back in the future if there's strong demand but for now it's staying out.

  • Bug fixes (plan spreadsheet slow scrolling, Settings > Logs button).

  • Sliding toolbar (3 dots) now scaled better for all versions of iPhone (slightly larger on iPhone X for example).

iOS v6.8 (6800)

  • Improved look & feel (icons, menu's etc)

  • New Downloads → Documents feature.

  • Better iPhone X support

  • Ability to edit custom waypoints as DD MM.M format.

  • ERSA/DAPS has "↩︎ Maps" back button to jump straight back to map.

  • Timer button back in as an option for ERSA/DAPS. Default hidden.

  • ADF customers 'edit' button on their flight plan text (goes back to quick-plan)


  • Sort plans in the saved plans list by departure date instead of alphabetically

  • Move the "Allow Notifications?" permission to the NAIPS form rather than app startup.

  • Remove the Save/Load Previous in NAIPS form (redundant in OzRunways).


  • Improved QNH HUD Box

  • Improvements to invert colours (DAPS, On-screen messages)

  • Fix georef markings appearing on some ERSA or Airfield Guide entries.

  • Fix lat/lon waypoint displayed in "Custom Waypoint" cell when rubber-banding.

  • Fix a bunch of bugs when using Radial/Range type waypoints.

  • Fix for non-Australian enterprise users being able to see their documents without needing to add an Australian subscription.

  • OzRunways Airfield Guide airports (e.g. OZPSH) will export to NAIPS as a custom waypoint ZZZZ with Lat Lon.