OzRunways EFB Changelog v6.9

iOS v6.9.1 (6910)

  • Ability to drag pins on User Waypoint satellite view to adjust position

  • Show Street Address on User Waypoints

  • DAPS Annotations: Ability to delete individual annotations

  • Export to NAIPS: Support for AWK on final waypoints in plan

  • Fix a crash exporting to Avidyne

  • Radial/Range waypoints entered as 1-2 digit distances (e.g. AD0905) export to NAIPS as 3 digit distances AD090005

  • PDF Documents hides thumbnails for single page documents

  • Fix crash in Settings > NAIPS > Cancel/Amend with plans containing alternates

iOS v6.9 (6901)

  • New Document browser with inbuilt text search, better page swiping (requires iOS11+)

  • Internal changes to support helipads documents

  • NAIPS Wind/Temp: fix for aircraft slower than 50kts

  • Fix for YLDB weather/notams

  • Fix user waypoint selector sometimes rounding down lat/lon minutes.

  • Faster subscription checking on startup

  • Don't hide status bar when viewing documents on iPad

  • More Spanish / Portuguese translations

  • Webcams aspect fit proper dimensions instead of squishing.

  • Launch screen now has more intuitive ability to sign in as existing UserID

  • Submit to NAIPS now appears in another menu for APAC-only customers

  • Plan spreadsheet printing: more space for notes, time/distance summary.

  • Some small fixes for enterprise customers with custom maps (disable date toggle in Downloads, fix so they appear in the sub-menu in the maps list)

  • Allow locked aircraft profiles to modify variable reserve %