OzRunways EFB v8.3 Release Notes

OzRunways EFB 8.3.5

  • Allow airfield plates to be rotated via the cogs menu
  • Allow zeroing of fixed reserve entry in aircraft profile
  • Add support for MetFlight Auto Weather Station Access pop up
  • Improve reliability of filling in winds from NAIPS and SmartBrief into the plan sheet
  • Improvements to sequencing, ETD, ETA, ATA, ATD times in plan sheet when landing
  • Fixed an issue where when a deleted aircraft might be used
  • Fixed an issue where importing plans with radial ranges may fail
  • "Clear Log & Notes" now only clears white/straw coloured cells again
  • Logging fuel remaining on plan sheet no longer calculates future fuel use
  • Link to new User Guide added to Settings → Help
  • Fixed an issue where terrain view may not correctly show intersecting airspaces
  • Fixed an issue where airfield guide shortcut in Closest Points popup wouldn't work
  • Fixed an issue where "Delete Waypoint" from tap on map menu may fail
  • Fixed an issue where adding air routes from tap on map may not add all intermediate points
  • Fixed an issue where route segments couldn't be added or removed in IFIS IFR form
  • Fixed: LSALT boundaries setting not showing the default setting when no route is selected
  • Fix IFIS form to use TAS
  • Show "NZ NOTAM Briefing" button in basic brief when there is a plan active

OzRunways EFB 8.3.4

  • Correct ADS-B traffic pressure altitude for local QNH Improvement
  • Fix Endurance showing 0 on multi-stage plans
  • Fix NAIPS export performance category sometimes wrong in multi-stage plans
  • Fix W&B Fuel burn line in Settings → Aircraft

OzRunways EFB v8.3.3

  • Fix for region databases deselecting when upgrading to v8.3.2 with no internet on first startup
  • The Airfields presets bar for quick selection of plates now updates when changing between documents
  • Fix Plain text TAF truncating half hour times for Temp/QNH values in RMK
  • Fix crash when selecting some older plans and setting multiple landing areas

OzRunways EFB v8.3.2

  • Added .mbtiles maps support
  • KML files can now be downloaded through OzRunways Enterprise Dashboard
  • Map screen will pan to saved plan location on opening
  • When Ramp fuel amount is changed, fuel for subsequent non-refuelling landing points is automatically adjusted.
  • Better airspace information placement after long-press on map
  • Improved KML drawing *KML files ending with "_nozoom.kml" draw at native thickness
  • Better grouping of company and 'OTHER' airfield documents in the Smart Airfields tab *Added support for TACAN document types in Airfields tab
  • Limit recently used plates to 15 total to improve ordering
  • Fix ETA not accounting for wind in plan sheet
  • Fix pilot duplicating when plans are imported from new OzRunways Enterprise Dashboard Plans feature
  • Fix issue where Settings → Pilot could have two duplicate entries ticked (indicating active)
  • Fix KML line thickness on Apple maps
  • Fix issue where origin airport couldn't be double tapped in plan sheet (jumps to airfield docs)
  • Fix issue where iOS9-11 devices couldn't load both AU and NZ SmartBrief databases at the same time
  • Fix issue decoding 'BECMG' TAF in Plain text display Other miscellaneous bug fixes

OzRunways EFB v8.3.1

  • Fixed an issue where Avidyne IFD avionics would not accept plans with long user waypoint names
  • Fixed 'Settings → User Waypoints' not displaying some waypoints

OzRunways EFB v8.3

  • Import flight plan templates added to Enterprise Dashboard
  • Support for importing plans created with Champagne Flight Planner 3000 v6.8j
  • Ability to edit User Waypoint MGRS coordinates (f7d40399) Feature
  • New 'Settings → User Waypoints' screen with better ability to manage many custom waypoints
  • Fuel Tables setting is now per aircraft instead of global
  • New "Discard Changes" button when editing User Waypoints
  • Added OPR/ SUR/ CODE/ COM/ and SEL/ fields to aircraft profiles
  • Double-tap on airfields in Plan Spreadsheet navigates to charts
  • Exporting plans (e.g. AirDrop) now includes more plan details
  • Smart Airfields 'Recents' wouldn't always point to updated documents
  • Fixed an issue where "Remark" could not be deleted in 'Settings → Pilots'
  • Add default refuel to aircraft model for exporting/importing
  • Fix NAIPS form so it imports plan rules correctly (i.e. VFR/IFR)
  • Fix KML not drawing on Apple Maps
  • Better NZ VFR codes in plan sheet
  • Fixed an issue where importing plans with custom waypoints could cause duplicates