RWY 3 release notes


  • Fix highlighted airspace boundary not drawing
  • Fix weather overlay
  • Fix active leg reverting back to first leg during flight on some devices
  • Enable map tracking aircraft location in north and track up
  • Scale down map tiles to prevent map appearing blurry
  • Make camera/map mode button show correct mode on launch

Plan Pop-Over changes:

  • Show DTG and ETE for active leg row (remaining rather than total)
  • Rename plan row TRK label to DTK
  • Change distance and ETI in plan rows to be whole leg values
  • Rename ETE to ETI plan waypoint list
  • Change plan row columns to be right aligned
  • Tweak widths for plan totals in plan box to prevent text clipping

Minor fixes:

  • Fix DTK line blinking animation if no other map drawing occurring
  • Only show active and soon active restricted areas


  • Map now supports smooth zooming to any level.
  • Map performance fixes when scrolling around.
  • Correctly orient waypoints and labels in track up mode, which also fixes devices that were showing grey labels.
  • Version 3.2.1 fixes a hang when enabling the weather overlay