Which Android Device Should I Buy? One that runs KitKat 4.4


Unlike iPads, all Android tablets, including those with only WiFi, have built in GPS. While cheaper ones can be found and they do run RWY, they generally are slower and with much shorter battery life. Less well equipped devices will not run RWY adequately in all cases. Purchasing a high spec device is highly recommended.

With Google discontinuing their line of tablets, Samsung is the logical choice at the moment as no other manufacturer is as dedicated to Android tablets.

Buy one online or in an electronics store, not in combination with a cellular plan. Carriers often also add their own extras and you may not get Android updates that those who bought the stock-device do.

We currently recommend:

  • Samsung Tab S2 8.0 or 9.7 Is highly recommended with 4:3 8" screen it's a great size, has good battery life and, in the 4G version at least, a very reliable GPS.

Which ever device you decide to purchase, there is a requirement for it to be a device which runs KitKat 4.4 for RWY to function.