About our second tablet device license

A standard OzRunways subscription allows you to use OzRunways on 1 phone and one tablet device.

We also offer the "second tablet" option for an annual fee. This allows you to use OzRunways on a second tablet as a personal backup only. It is not for sharing with friends and colleagues.

The simple rule is: if both iPads are required to be operated at the same time, they both need a full license.

Example 1: Bob has an existing OzRunways subscription. He has a 2nd device at home he wants to use as a backup. Bob can add his other iPad using the second tablet add-on license for $20.

Example 2: Jane is a Captain for an IFR Charter company. Both Jane and her copilot will need a full OzRunways subscription each as they are different people using a full set of data at the same time. Jane is welcome to have a 2nd iPad as a personal backup using the add-on license, though.

Example 3: You take your personal backup iPad with you while flying and hand it to your passenger so they can track the flight, meaning both will be running at the same time. That's fine too.

Example 4: You have an iPad with OzRunways and your pilot friend also gets an iPad. You add the add-on license to your account and give him your user ID. That is not allowed, for reasons we assume you understand!