In version 6.1 a new feature called Bullseye has been released!


Useful to both Military and General Aviation Pilots, when added to the GPS HUD the Bullseye gives bearing and range from your current position to the Bullseye, from the Screen Cursor to the Bullseye (CRSR BULL), and from your current position to the Screen Cursor (CRSR BRA).

To activate Bullseye:

Press and hold on one of the GPS HUD boxes from the dropdown menu shown below → Select BULLSEYE.


Repeat above, selecting CRSR BULL and CRSR BRA from the dropdown menu.

To set the Bullseye position:
Tap on the map → Select the waypoint to be the Bullseye from the Closest Waypoints Popup → Select set as Bullseye.


To activate the Screen Cursor:
Select the Map View Options Button → Tap on Cursor so a blue tick mark appears on its right.


The circles are scaled to 50nm increments out to 500nm in degrees magnetic!
Circles correctly account for latitude scale variations at southern latitudes on Mercator projection map (read squashed circles!).
The Northern radial is darkened for reference. Uses NOAA worldwide magnetic model for calculating magnetic deviation (https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomag/WMM/soft.shtml) -- from testing, NOAA model is very accurate until you hit Antarctica.

For any questions get in contact with our support team at support@OzRunways.com!