CAAP 234 Guidelines for Aircraft Fuel Requirements Update

From the 8th of November 2018, CAAP 234 Guidelines for Aircraft Fuel Requirements will be updated.

To ensure you are carrying the legal minimum fuel by using calculations from OzRunways, follow the steps below.

Check your Aircraft and Flight Rules in Table 1 of CAAP 234-1(2), as reproduced below.


Changing Fixed Reserve:
To change the Fixed Reserve requirement:
Open your Aircraft Profile in Settings → Aircraft.
Scroll down to the Fuel section.


Change 'Fixed Res (mins)' and the equivalent 'Fixed Res (gal)' to the new requirements by tapping on the values to the right.
In the resulting keypad, enter the new value and select 'Enter'.


Changing Variable Reserve:
If a Variable reserve is required in Table 1:
For a percentage requirement, select the 'Var Fuel Res. (%)' option.
Enter the required percentage (e.g. 10), and then select 'Enter'.

For some RPT and Charter operations, the Variable Reserve requirement may be a set percentage or not less than 5 minutes.
For these operations, set the percentage as above.
Then use the 'Variable Fuel (minimum) (gal)' option to set your 5 minutes minimum fuel as an amount (litres, gallons etc).


OzRunways will determine the percentage for every flight (takeoff-landing), and compare this to the set minimum amount.
Whichever is higher will be displayed in the Fuel Plan and used in calculations.

NOTE: The 'Variable Fuel (minimum) (gal)' option is only available from OzRunways version 7.1.
Please update to the latest version in your iPad's App Store → Updates.

Access to the updated CAAP 234 and other resources can be found on CASA's website here:

Happy Flying!

The OzRunways Team