Can OzRunways calculate lower safe altitudes? (LSALT)

OzRunways will place route lower safe altitudes in your plan and show both grid LSALTs overlaid on any map as well as tracking tolerances for performing pilot-calculated LSALTs for a variety of navigation methods. (E.g.: RNP2, GNSS, NVFR, NAVAID)

However there is no way to calculate these automatically simply because there is no obstacle database available that would allow us to do this, as outlined in AIP GEN 3.1-7:


So if we were to do it, it would come with the disclaimer that you have to always do it yourself manually regardless. In which case, there is no point in implementing the functionality and potentially inadvertently have our customers fly at unsafe altitudes in IMC.

If such a database becomes available we will seriously consider adding this functionality.