Downloading maps/charts from nearby devices (mesh networking)

New in OzRunways v4.1 is the ability to download files from nearby devices running OzRunways.

Normally in Settings → Downloads, files are downloaded from the internet and saved onto the device. This can be problematic in areas with limited internet access.

Now, if a friend running OzRunways is nearby, the file will be downloaded from their device. The process is entirely automatic. No WiFi configuration or connecting is required. The devices just 'see' eachother as long as they both have WiFi turned on, and "Download/Share with Peers" switch ON (see picture below).

Once you see each other in Settings → Downloads, you can connect and download files from each other whilst OzRunways is on.



When you go into OzRunways→Settings→Downloads you will see a list of nearby devices. If you don't see any devices in the list, check both devices are running OzRunways v4.1 or greater from the App Store, iOS7 or greater, they both have WiFi turned ON and are in the same room, and both are turned on and running OzRunways up on the screen. If you're still not seeing other devices, try restarting the app:

Once your list of peers is populated, it means your OzRunways devices have already done a handshake and given each other a list of files.

When you go to download files, the ones with the icon will be downloaded from your peer nearby:


If the icon looks faded, it means the nearby device only has some of the files. The rest of the files can only be downloaded if you have an internet connection:


The download speed between devices varies, but generally it is around 200kb/s up to 500 kb/s.

If you are seeing very slow file transfer speeds, check you both have WiFi on, and try turning Bluetooth off. If you have a nearby WiFi access point, it may help if you both connect to that (although it's not required).

Most of the maps and charts should have no problem downloading. Due to the way the technology works, you cannot resume file downloads, so any interruptions will require the file to be downloaded from scratch. For this reason, trying to copy the super-large maps (e.g. 1.7gb topographic maps) may not work, or take a very long time. I would recommend downloading these maps with a fast home WiFi internet connection.

Note: this feature only works for Settings→Downloads, not for viewing maps & charts 'on demand'. The intent is to share maps/charts on the ground before flight.