Is OzRunways legal for use airborne as a replacement for paper copies?

Current April 2017

OzRunways was the first iOS and Android EFB developer in Australia to be approved by CASA under CASR Part 175.295 as a Data Service Provider.

This means that you can legally use aeronautical information supplied by OzRunways as a replacement for traditional paper products.

If you need paper for a particular event (e.g. a flight test) you can also legally use print outs from OzRunways!

We are still pursuing the use of EFB's in CASA tests, however if you wish to see this happen please write to your local member of parliament and ask them to petition the Transport Minister to get CASA to make the change.

If you are familiar with CAR 233, this requirement is now met by OzRunways: The pilot in command of an aircraft must not commence a flight if he or she has not received evidence, and taken such action as is necessary to ensure, that the latest editions of the aeronautical maps, charts and other aeronautical information and instructions, published in AIP or by a person approved in writing, that are applicable to the route to be flown and to any alternative route that may be flown on that flight are carried in the aircraft and are readily accessible to the flight crew.

OzRunways is a person approved in writing, our instrument of approval is CASA Part 175.295 certificate 2.

The approval is valid for: OzRunways (Oz RWY), RWY, RWY GO, RWY Check, and NAIPS, for the following Airservices Australia data:

VTC, VNC, ERC, WAC, TAC and PCA maps,
DAP East and West,

AOC holders may use EFB's if they are approved under their company Ops manual, however, irrespective, the OzRunways Apps make a great backup and SA enhancing tool in flight even if your company still requires paper.

See our article on 'use for navigation' for more information on legalities of EFB use.