New Feature Requests

We always appreciate requests for new features and we welcome people who wish to submit their ideas to us.

We ask that when submitting feature requests you keep in mind the dynamic and high workload software environment OzRunways exists in, as well as the hugely diverse user base OzRunways has. There is a lot that goes in to making our apps robust and user friendly across a variety of operations (Ultralights, recreational GA, charter, aerial application, rotary, RPT/airline, survey, military etc) so when it comes to doing new features we always proceed with caution.

When deciding to implement a new feature, there are a lot of things to consider, but safety and reliability underpins our thinking. We have to make sure new features are easy to use, easy to maintain and don't interfere with the ethos of the app. We spend a great deal of time analysing how new features will work and making sure there are no hidden human factors issues associated with incorporating them. Only after we have conducted detailed investigation will we contemplate starting to integrate a new feature in to the software, which in and of itself can be a time consuming process which requires detail design and implementation strategies.

On occasion, we will decline the opportunity to make changes to our apps. While our decisions may be disappointing to some, all we ask is that our subscribers respect the myriad of factors that we must balance when making changes to the app: even minor changes which benefit some users may create problems for others. If we elect not to make a feature change you can rest assured our experienced team has given the request through consideration and there is a good reason behind why they have come to that decision, even if it is not obvious on face value.