Restricted Airspace Shading

In OzRunways, active restricted airspace is shaded red. The status of restricted airspace is determined by requesting the NAIPS Restricted Area Briefing.
OzRunways will request the restricted area briefing every 10 minutes and update the red shading accordingly.
(Your device requires an internet connection in order to request the NAIPS Restricted Area Briefing.)

Note: Not all restricted areas appear in the NAIPS Restricted Area Briefing (e.g. TRAs from AIP SUP or NOTAMs). If an area appears deactivated, please check the status with ATC or NOTAM as applicable.

In some cases we may manually add temporary airspace overlays (from SUP or NOTAM) to the map. If activation times are clearly defined the area will be shaded red while active. If activation times aren't defined we may permanently shade the area red to bring it to the attention of pilots.
In all cases, please confirm the status of restricted airspace before entry.

Military CTRs (e.g. Townsville MIL CTR displayed below) are not restricted areas, and therefore do not appear in the restricted area briefing. We have shaded these areas blue to remind pilots to check the status of the Military CTR with ATC or other means as applicable.