Adding and Manually Editing User Waypoints

This article describes how to add a User Waypoint, and how to edit the lat/long manually if you so desire.

Firstly, open the app. Drop a User Waypoint - you do this by tapping anywhere on the screen the select the top option 'Custom: (Suburb Name)' → 'Add User Waypoint'.

A new waypoint will appear where you tapped (if you have the cursor switched on, the new waypoint will appear under the middle of the cursor). The name of the User Waypoint will be the name of the closest suburb.

Now, tap near the newly created User Waypoint and select it from the resulting pop up box.

Scroll down to see the latitude and longitude sliders. Use the boxes above the sliders to switch between lat/long formats. Adjusting the sliders will immediately reposition the waypoint.

Scroll further down to reveal the satellite image. The location of the User Waypoint is shown with a red pin. Tap and hold the red pin and you will be able to move it around the satellite image to further fine tune the location of the User Waypoint.