OzRunways Airfield Guide, with tabs!

The new style of the OzRunways Airfield Guide has arrived. All entries in the guide now have 5 tabs - General, Runways, Comms, Contact, Local. You can tap on each one of these tabs to view more information. (See image below)

  • The General tab gives you an overview of an airfield and combines all the necessary information in to a single tab e.g. Elevation, runways, CTAF, comms, lighting, procedures etc.

  • The Runways tab displays all runway information such as orientation, dimensions, surface, lighting and a diagram (if available).

  • The Comms tab displays all Communication information for the airfield. This includes any relevant radio frequencies, and where available navaids and mobile coverage.

  • The Contact tab contains the details for the airfield operator, the airfield coordinates and other location information.

  • The Local tab contains specific local information e.g. details on accommodation and food.


To update the details for any of the airfields in our Airfield Guide, please get in touch with us at support@ozrunways.com