OzRunways Changelog v7.2

OzRunways EFB v7.2

  • New Weight and Balance Planner. All segments in one scrollable view. Add notes to stations. Copy station weights to subsequent segments.
  • HUD Box: Added “SELF BULL” to show Bearing and Range from bullseye.
  • New Charts Browser. Charts are searchable, grouped by validity time, and the browser remembers recents and caches for offline use.
  • SmartBrief: Airfields with related NOTAMS are now shown on map.
  • Fix: Avidyne now works with radial/range waypoints.
  • Map Cursor: Fixed coordinates box disappearing when changing maps.
  • Adjustments to align to CAAP-234-1(2). Removed Variable reserve from alternates and added variable reserve to approach fuel.
  • Added Print Option to Charts Browser.
  • Removed map printing option on iOS 9 devices, as it is no longer supported (We recommend using a screenshot instead).
  • Quick Plan: Starting with a custom waypoint no longer creates a duplicate entry.
  • Map Legend: Fix where the Done button couldn't be pressed on some iPhone models.
  • Basic Brief: More refreshing of data and added pull to refresh.
  • Fuel Table Print out now use horizontal headers, rather than vertical (Fixes a bug in iOS 9 where they would go upside down).
  • Fix where W&B could be reset when printing.
  • Show Dynon DRX battery level.
  • Basic Brief: Show all intersecting ARFOR areas, don't restrict to QNH areas.