OzRunways Changelog v7.3

OzRunways EFB v7.3.5

  • Support for Dual XGPS 170 and 190 - AHRS and ADS-B In

  • Fixed Archive All Aircraft option

OzRunways EFB v7.3.4

  • Fixed: "Settings → Logs" could freeze for some users

  • Fixed: Own aircraft icon reverting to light aircraft

  • Fixed: Radar time showing +600 on iOS9 devices

  • Fixed: Clipping of DAPS own-ship icon

  • Fixed: Blurry airplane icon on first install

  • Some GDL90 improvements

OzRunways EFB v7.3.3

  • Improved track-up map mode, it now re-centres and rotates around a point lower down

  • Improved Fuel Prices - now shows Jet/AVTUR prices by default when a turbine aircraft selected

  • Man Over Board (drop waypoint) shows time accuracy to the second

  • HSI CDI now behaves fixed as GPS mode

  • Added date to filename when printing flight plans

  • Fixed: AHRS option wouldn't display in certain circumstances

  • Improved GPWT text spacing in SmartBrief

  • Improved appearance of the Aircraft position icon on the map

  • Upgraded Avidyne SDK to v3

  • Improved ScratchPad colours

  • Significant Improvements made to Flight Detection and Logging

  • Map engine optimisations and bug fixes

  • Fix: Bullseye drawing incorrectly in track-up

  • Fix: CacheManagement > Clear Old Files removing custom maps

OzRunways EFB v7.3.2

  • Airfield Public Notes show "New" if there are unread notes

  • Added AHRS display (Attitude and heading reference system), shown when connected to a Stratus ADS-B in. Switch on in Map View Options.

  • Fixed: NAIPS Cancel and Amend could drop a '0'

  • Fixed: W&B diagrams and text shown wouldn't be in sync when changing W&B configs

  • Weight and Balance configuration can now be chosen within the Flight Planner

  • Fixed:"Cancel" action wouldn't appear on iPhone when deleting User Waypoints

  • GeoPlates show less errors when rotating device or suspending app in the background

  • Fixed: Range rings could remain when deleting waypoints through Settings

  • Fixed: Start fuel wouldn't update correctly on the Flight Plan on first view

  • Added an extra HUD box for CURSOR format in (DD MM SS)

  • Fixed: Weather radar overlay would't align correctly on track up mode

  • Improved reliability when printing to Brother Printers

  • Fixed: Issue caused by iOS 12 where detecting a Stratus wouldn't enable GDL90

  • Show radar age and fixed tiles sometimes not refreshing

  • Fixed: Being airborne could block all future production.json downloads even after landing

  • Adjusted brush stroke on Sketchpad to be crisper

OzRunways EFB v7.3.1

  • Allow for 'MT' Abbreviations in street address search

  • Fixed an issue where exiting a Direct To plan wouldn't always discard

  • Fixed a clipping issue on ADS-B in traffic labels

  • Fixed repeated download of OSM tiles

  • Fixed a problem where a user waypoint name could clash with a database waypoint when prefixed with the same name

  • Fixed an issue where water tiles wouldn't always load from offline

  • Updated magnetic model (WMM.COF) v2 for 2015-2020

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading web cams

  • Update map scale as you pan

  • Prevent NAIPS Route Description point from truncating

OzRunways EFB v7.3

  • New: Range rings can be added to waypoints, radius and colour are adjustable

  • Weight and Balance chart improvements: New colour coding points of interest; more points on chart to better visualise the line; line now continues past landing point to empty fuel

  • Added time to 'Public Notes' on airfields

  • OzRunways Airfield Guide can now be printed

  • Hide cursor coordinates box on iPhone, HUD box can be used if needed

  • Improved the behaviour of notes fields on the plan sheet

  • Improved performance on Velocity Weather map tile overlays

  • Avidyne export: work with any radial/range (required clipping name to 5 chars)

  • Fixed: incorrect ETI calculations where aircraft TAS set to km/h

  • Fixed: wind optimiser not always saving the chosen wind

  • Fixed: crash could occur if printing W&B when values are not set

  • Fixed: simulator mode showing incorrect heading

  • Fixed: web cam images could appear out of order