OzRunways Changelog v7.5.x

OzRunways EFB v7.5.5

  • Fixes to plan sheet layout in edit mode

  • Improved connection reliability for ADS-B on GDL90 devices

  • Improved rendering speed for GPWT on SmartBrief

  • SmartBrief will show more relevant NOTAMs for trips

  • Miscellaneous stability improvements

OzRunways EFB v7.5.4

  • Added "Clear all range rings" option in Settings → Cache Management

  • Added 10.3 degree LSALT splay option

  • Added NZ Restricted Airspace support

  • Windy slider displays time in UTC as well as local

  • Various iOS 13 fixes

OzRunways EFB v7.5.3

  • Improved runway overlay appearance. Surface type is now shown.

  • Dragging of custom waypoints via satellite map pin works again

  • Added velocity/baron weather to charts screen

  • Allow negative weight in W&B cells

  • Map legends now download on demand

  • Improved compatibility with Avidyne transfers over WiFi for points not in Jeppesen database.

  • Text will now auto-size to fit in Plan Sheet cells

  • Fixed: layout issues in aircraft profile setup on iPhone

  • Fixed: "Show this flight on main map display" now centres on the correct location

  • Stability Improvements for iOS 13

  • Other minor bug fixes

OzRunways EFB v7.5.2

  • Fixed an issue that prevented fuel prices from being edited

  • Fixed an issue where submitting some custom waypoints to NAIPS wouldn't succeed

  • Removed titles from ERSA/DAPS navigation bar

  • Enterprise Dashboard files that are associated with an airport are now shown in the Airfields tab

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

OzRunways EFB v7.5.1

  • Fixed an issue where the GPS HUD would clip some text

  • Fixed NaN fuel error when terrain or waypoint below sea level

  • Fixed an issue with rubber-banding and moving custom waypoints

OzRunways EFB v7.5.0

  • New Scratchpad with Apple Pencil support, tabs and undo

  • Improved appearance of the HUD

  • Show IFR route description on plan sheet

  • Brought back swipe left/right to change plates as an option in cogs menu

  • 10NM markers are now hidden when zoomed out

  • Improved DAPS timer look and feel

  • Weather radar now appears under icons & traffic on map

  • Fixed rendering issue for LSALT's and LSALT splays across the dateline

  • Fixed an issue where in track-up mode scrolling didn't work on some parts of the screen

  • Fixed an issue where traffic would stop communicating when app is backgrounded

  • Fixed an issue where enabling waypoint types under preferences wouldn't work correctly

  • Fixed an issue on charts browser where charts could appear out of order

  • Fixed an issue where info text wasn't centred when toggling radar overlay

  • Fixed an issue where map would go black beyond a certain zoom level on iOS 13

  • Various stability and performance enhancements