OzRunways EFB Changelog v6.8

iOS v6.8 (6800)

  • Improved look & feel (icons, menu's etc)

  • New Downloads → Documents feature.

  • Better iPhone X support

  • Ability to edit custom waypoints as DD MM.M format.

  • ERSA/DAPS has "↩︎ Maps" back button to jump straight back to map.

  • Timer button back in as an option for ERSA/DAPS. Default hidden.

  • ADF customers 'edit' button on their flight plan text (goes back to quick-plan)


  • Sort plans in the saved plans list by departure date instead of alphabetically

  • Move the "Allow Notifications?" permission to the NAIPS form rather than app startup.

  • Remove the Save/Load Previous in NAIPS form (redundant in OzRunways).


  • Improved QNH HUD Box

  • Improvements to invert colours (DAPS, On-screen messages)

  • Fix georef markings appearing on some ERSA or Airfield Guide entries.

  • Fix lat/lon waypoint displayed in "Custom Waypoint" cell when rubber-banding.

  • Fix a bunch of bugs when using Radial/Range type waypoints.

  • Fix for non-Australian enterprise users being able to see their documents without needing to add an Australian subscription.

  • OzRunways Airfield Guide airports (e.g. OZPSH) will export to NAIPS as a custom waypoint ZZZZ with Lat Lon.