OzRunways EFB Changelog v7.0

OzRunways EFB v7.0.2

  • Adjustments made to the Garmin FPL XML file export based on customer feedback
  • Zoom to fit route leg to visible screen when tapped on in SmartBrief
  • Show current location on SmartBrief map
  • Pan to waypoints and lines tapped in area text in SmartBrief
  • Prevent keyboard from going over the notes field in Plan Sheet
  • Crash fix for when amending or cancelling a NAIPS submission with an alternate waypoint
  • Fix for an issue occurring in iOS 12 where weight balance line would incorrectly turn red
  • Documents in Smart AirFields tab can now belong to more than one group
  • Other fixes for general bugs

OzRunways EFB v7.0.1

  • Grab handles for SmartBrief Detail view
  • Fix for HUD view sometimes opening up blank on iOS 12 devices
  • Fix for an issue where downloads couldn't be resumed (mainly affecting iOS 12)
  • Exported log files no longer have a Gps_Track_ prefix
  • Fix for where cloud icing turbulence text could cut off
  • Restored colours back to the Document folders
  • Allow links in PDFs to be tapped on
  • Reduce the frequency of error messages automatically showing up on SmartBrief
  • Other fixes for general bugs

OzRunways EFB v7.0 (iOS 9+)

Premium Features + SmartBrief: Interactive GAF, SIGMET, TAFs, NOTAMs and Winds from a dedicated tab. Tap on your route to show an analysis of that leg. + Smart Airfields Tab: Charts for relevant airfields to you are displayed as documents and folders. A lightning fast search is available to easily access plates.

New device support

  • Support for ADS-B and GPS via GDL90 protocol. This enables connection to most ADS-B receivers such as Stratus3, Dynon DRX, FlightBox/Stratux and uAvionix Ping.
  • Support for messaging via TracPlus (RockAir) satellite system

Other + CTA LL option back for HUD boxes + Fix windy sometimes not drawing the last segment of a plan + Fix NAIPS form not accepting the currently edited field if user hasn't dismissed the keyboard yet