OzRunways EFB Changelog v7.1

OzRunways EFB v7.1.1

  • Better handling of when subscription has expired with an improved notification
  • Wind optimise function is now shown on iPhone
  • Updated PCA on Map View for changes in SIGMET data from AirServices
  • Allow taxi fuel to be set to 0
  • Fixed: Creating a manual flight log would not save details
  • Fixed: Weight and Balance may not print
  • Fixed: Export options on planner wouldn't always appear on iPad
  • Fixed: The wind fill button wouldn't always appear on iPhone
  • Fixed: ADS-B in could crash older iOS devices (32-bit) with some additional stability improvements
  • Fixed: iPhone 5/5c couldn't collapse the tool bar on the Map

OzRunways EFB v7.1

  • New print function for plan sheet. Print Plan, Fuel and Weight and Balance all at once
  • Added Variable Fuel Reserve by minimum time (CAAP 234)
  • Planner table now has an option to fill winds from GPWT. Improved performance of filling with NAIPS Wind/Temp
  • New map cursor coordinate display, tap to toggle display mode, long press to copy
  • Windy.com view now defaults to the current altitude
  • Improved performance of displaying KML text labels
  • Option added for slower aircraft to appear on traffic
  • Start a new conversation with any email address with RockAir