OzRunways EFB v8.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • NZ Radio Frequency HUD box showing MBZ, CFZ and FIS
  • NZ QNH HUD box for airports where data is available (NZAA, NZWN, NZCH, NZQN)
  • Added MetFlight Weather Briefings Integration for tap on map waypoints, in Basic Brief, and Charts
  • NZ NOTAM briefings added to Basic Brief
  • Flag NOTAMs as important or rubbish. Next time viewing they will sort into Important > Unread > Read (normal) and Read (rubbish) for easier viewing.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved placement of NZ airspace info boxes
  • Screen Cursor remembers last viewed coordinate system
  • Fixed issues where custom waypoints and radial ranges would pre-fill invalid data
  • Fixed: zooming too far in with Apple Maps could cause tracking problems
  • Fixed an issue where renaming User Waypoints wouldn't always update in the plan
  • Fixed: LSALT's RNP2 LSALT's not loading when planning air routes via tapping on the map
  • Fixed an issue in SmartBrief where extra information outside of the route may have been shown
  • World Weather Breafings are now cached when viewed (4ed518ac)

OzRunways EFB v8.1.1

  • Better NZ Freq. HUD Box support
  • Windy works again on iOS9 devices
  • Fix "Hide Tab Bar" option affecting plate georeferencing
  • Fix keyboard hiding 'Edit Group' when editing User Waypoints in landscape orientation on iPad
  • Fix keyboard hiding some text input fields when editing Aircraft profiles
  • Fix 'Clear Logs & Notes' not clearing on more than one plan
  • Fixed an issue where active waypoint may not activate when changing plans with same starting waypoint
  • Add NZ Briefing to Basic Brief & Charts
  • Search waypoints works on suffix, e.g. "CH" finds "NZCH" and "SY" finds "YSSY".
  • Show NZ IFIS / RCCNZ phone numbers in plan spreadsheet
  • Added Queenstown (NZQN) QNH support in HUD BOX
  • Fix crash that could happen on next start up if deleting an Aircraft from an active plan
  • Fixed an issues where empty pilots could be created if the active pilot has no name