OzRunways EFB v8.2 Release Notes

New Features

  • (New Zealand) GFS winds can be auto-filled in to a flight plan using Windsock icon on plan sheet
  • IFIS VFR and Domestic IFR flight plan submission:
    Details from flight plan, aircraft profile, and pilot profile is automatically filled into the plan submission form
    Form contains in-line help text (tap the '?')
    Submitted flight plans can be cancelled from inside OzRunways
    History of submitted flight plans is saved
  • Added support for KML overlays per region
  • On-demand KML downloading

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improvements to Settings → Pilots (blank entries are automatically removed)
  • Added additional layers and picker for Windy.com view on iPad
  • Quick Plan will now perform a Direct To when only entering one waypoint
  • Radial Ranges can now be saved as a User Waypoint
  • Improvement to excluding own-ship ADS-B signal
  • Fix for plan popup list deselecting (hiding) the 'Delete' button
  • Plan sheet number keypad on iPhone now presents as it does on iPad to remove the need for scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where KML LineStrings with the end point equal to the start point could drop the last line
  • NAIPS flight notification form now correctly fills radial/range waypoints with leading zeros on ranges
  • (Australia) HUD QNH results are now sourced from the SmartBrief DB, with online fallback
  • Fixed an issue where documents cached numbers could be out of sync
  • Tweak aircraft display name in list to prefer registration over callsign
  • ERSA/DAPS viewer now remembers the state of the quick launch bar (up or down)
  • Disable peer-to-peer networking on fresh app startups (increases download speeds)
  • Disable KML polygon (area) place marks which cause issues with regular tap on map functionality
  • GPS accuracy suffix now shows the correct symbol for meters 'm'
  • Improvements to quick plan air route auto completion outside of Australia
  • Moon rise/set times are displayed as the next 2 events from now
  • Improvements to "Downloading..." indicator on ERSA/DAPS so it doesn't block other downloads in cases of bad connection
  • Radial ranges can be used on custom waypoints in Quick Plan
  • Improved reliability for opening Map Legends
  • Improvements to KML rendering speed & appearance
  • Added Rainbow (VIC) BOM radar
  • Fixed issue an issue where app could crash when using an invalid Aircraft ID
  • Fixed issues where MGRS coordinates were displaying "UUUUUU" in some cases
  • NAIPS authentication with validation added to Settings → Integrations
  • NAIPS form 2+ stage flight plans now allow user to select which stages export
  • Fixed an issue where waypoints couldn't be added to the end of a plan under certain situations
  • Improved reliability of exporting user data