OzRunways EFB v8.4 Release Notes

OzRunways EFB v8.4.2

  • Improved importing plans to avoid using distant duplicate waypoints
  • Plan summary now doesn't truncate when reversing directions on an air route
  • Fixed an issue where map positioning on first launch may be wrong and cause stability issues
  • Allow old DirectTo waypoints to be deleted
  • Fixed an issue where "TRK" GPS HUD box showed compass degrees True (instead of Magnetic heading value) when speed < 10kts
  • Add support for XMAPSYV3 flight simulators
  • Rename "Geotaxi" to "Own Ship Position" in cogs menu
  • General stability improvements

OzRunways EFB v8.4.1

  • Allow easier sharing of IFIS flight notification status
  • Fixed an issue where the FR column in the plan sheet would incorrectly show a value when setting an alternate
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Activate Leg’ popup may be smaller than desired
  • Implemented a more detailed error message for file download errors
  • Fix migration issue from v8.2.0 (and below) to v8.4.0
  • Fix core data range ring crash
  • Stability improvements
  • Various fixes for future iOS versions

OzRunways EFB v8.4

New Features

  • Added support for SkyEcho 2 (ADS-B Out)

  • New traffic management popup on map screen (ADS-B Out/In & OzRunways Traffic settings)

  • Implemented "ozwpt://" links for sharing and creating User Waypoints

Fixes and Improvements

  • User Waypoints can now be imported from CSV
  • Improved appearance and usability of user waypoints screen
  • Pilots can now be deleted if used in a plan
  • Improved Settings → Pilots screen
  • Dynon SkyView can now be used as a GPS source
  • Fixed an issue where rocket boxes on map may show incorrect heading
  • Fixed an issue where some plates wouldn't be geo referenced
  • Fixed an issue where Dropbox files attached to User Waypoints couldn't be opened
  • Fix MGRS Tumblers cutting off on narrow screens in Settings → User Waypoints
  • Filling NAIPS winds on on plan sheet will fill with current winds when segments are in the past
  • ERSA/DAPS plates now refresh weather & NOTAMs every 5 mins and on viewing
  • Fixed an issue where deleting waypoints in plan detail view wouldn't update
  • TAC charts are now sorted above ERC charts in the Choose Map popup
  • Fixed issue where map performance could be slow
  • Map won't recenter when adding points via tap on map in IFR route-suggestion mode
  • Use three figure bearings (e.g. 005°M instead of 5°M) in flight plan list