Old Aircraft Profiles Missing Equipment when Exported/Duplicated/Shared

A few versions ago we corrected a long standing bug in aircraft profile exports relating to equipment, which wasn't being copied across/exported. If an aircraft file has been copied over time from the non-functioning version the equipment will still be missing due a part of the aircraft profile being absent.

To see if your exported profile is affected, you can open the ozacft file on a desktop (windows or mac) in a text editor. If your file is affected the equipment section will look like this:

"Equipment": {


The fix:

There are two options to fix this problem. First, you can add the following section to the ozacft file, save and import back to your iPad running Oz RWY. This is recommended for advanced users only, as file names need to be preserved. Insert the following section (remove spaces between lines if copying and pasting):

"Equipment": {

"DinghyColor": "",

"SafetyEquipment": "",

"SurveillanceEquipment": "",

"PBN": "",

"EmergencyRadio": "",

"NumberDinghies": "0",

"DinghyCapacity": "0",

"EquipmentInformation": "",

"DinghiesCovered": "0"


The other solution which is recommended for most Oz RWY users is to re-create the profile using the 'New Blank Aircraft' button. This will require all fields to be re-populated including W&B.

Remember: Copying the profile, duplicating etc a file with missing equipment will continue the problem. The equipment section must be added to the file, or the file must be re-created from a blank tablet.